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Amie ieindia selection of optional subjects in electrical engineering

Amie part B selection of optional subjects in electrical engineering group 1 power systems.

Ieindia electrical engineering after completing part A you need to select 3 optional subjects in three different groups.

There is 6 compulsory subjects in amie.

Amie electrical engineering part B compulsory subjects are

1 Engineering management
2 Power systems
3 Circuit and Field theory
4 Electrical machines
5 Measurements and control
6 Design of electrical systems

Selection of optional subjects in amie part B.

Part B Groups consist of 5 subject you need to select 3 papers.

Group 1 Power systems group
1 Energy systems.
2 Power electronics
3 High voltage engineering and power  apparatus
4 Power system performance
5 Micro processor and Microcontrollers

Selection of optional subjects in power system group.

My personal opinion if you are working in power related field like substation's, electrical power design, electrical contractor,electrical supervisor or electrical generation or tra…

Eligible students for lab and projects amie ieindia

Ieindia Amie announced eligible students for project and lab work 2018.

The list of candidates who passed amie part B five or more subject.

Amie project and lab student list summer 2018.

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Eligible candidates in this can apply for lab and project.

Fees for amie lab is 7000 RS.

Fees for amie project is 3000 RS.

Last date for  amie lab and project is may 10.

Online and offline method available for amie lab and project registration.

Amie summer examination for new applicants

Who can write amie exam on June 2018.
New applicants dates for amie ieindia summer examination registration.

Candidates enrolled within 31 march is eligible for summer 2018 examination.
If you applied for amie the ieindia will declare st and t membership soon.
If it is before march 31 then you can apply for amie summer examination.
If you got your membership no before march 31 as sms in your registered mobile no you can apply for amie summer examination by ieindia.

AMIE part A grade card tracking winter 2017

Ieindia announced grade card for sections A complete pass studentss winter 2017.

Amie postal tracking of part a grade card.

Ieindia grade card india post tracking list.

List of students who complete section A in amie winter 2018.

Amie result Part A full pass students list.

Postal tracking of amie section A grade card.

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To track the grade card Amie part A go to india post website by

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Amie winter 2017 part A completed students number 2092.

Total 2092 students passed section A in winter 2017exam.