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Amie winter 2018 examination details and time table

Ieindia Amie Winter 2018 examination details.

Institution of engineers anounce winter 2018 examination program.

Amie  2018 exam filling dates.

Iei amie Winter 2018 datasheet.

Amie Winter 2018 exam dates,last late for submission of aplication and time table.

Ieindie december 2018 exam dates

Amie Winter 2018 dates.

Amie Winter 2018 program means examination details of December 2018.

Institution of engineers who got membership number they can apply for Winter 2018 examinations.

Detailed program and time table available in pdf.

This pdf contains exam timetable for all branches,Last date for application submitting and timetable.

You can download pdf file by clicking below links.

Clicking here

Google drive mirror download link

click here .

How to apply.

If you got your Iei membership number you can apply for Winter 2018 exam.

Two ways for applying

1 offline method

Take Demand draft (DD) of 3000 rupees in the favour of The institution of engineers payable at Kolkata.

Fill the exam form and send t…