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Amie winter 2017 examination details and time table

Amie winter 2017 examination details and time table

Amie exam dates.

Amie winter 2017 examination dates and time table and timing.

Details of amie exam.
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Amie exam fees is 3000 rs.

You can apply maximum 4 subjects.

If you apply less than 4 subject no fee reduction.

Online aplication link.

Click here

Link activation date August 18 to October 27.

For who is writing examination in First time and who didnot write previous examination dates August 18 to September 22.

Last data for amie previous not written and first time students is September 22.

For whom written aplication dates are September 22 to October 27.

Last date for amie aplication who written exam last time is October 27.
Online amie examination aplication portal of Ieindia support debit and credit card of Master ,Visa ,rupay cards only.

Amie online examination portal does not support net banking and othe payment modes.

Hdfc,standard charter, Sbi rupay debit and credit found working in Ieindia payment gateway.

Payment gate…

Electrical engineering and elctronic engineering free book download

Engineering students can download e books from below links

Electrical engineering study book free download.
Electronic engineering study book free download.
Amie electrical e book Download free.
Amie electronics e book download free.
Engineering network analysis Book download.
Amie electrical engineering circuit and field theory download free book.
Amie electronics engineering circuits and control book download.
Electrical engineering Power system Book download free.
Power system Amie book download.
Power system performance book free download.
Amie electrical power system book free download.
Electrical power system book free download.
Amie power electronics book download.
Amie electrical complete book free download.
Amie electronics complete book free download.
Amie electrical full books.
Amie electronics full books free download.

Network analysis Alexander book download. Power system book download Power system metha book download Power electronic book mohan download Power electronics driv…

Civil engineering study notes

Amie civil engineering study notes.

Amie part B civil engineering notes.

Strength of material study notes.

Civil note scanned copy.

Engineering Civil scanned study notes.

Civil engineering full study notes for Amie.

Amie part B full study notes.

Civil yield point study notes.

Notes download

Amie projects samples

Amie project work report samples.

Amie mechanical report.

Amie civil project report sample.

Amie computer engineering project report sample.

Amie electrical engineering project report samples.

Amie EEE Project report samples.

Amie electronics engineering project report samples.

Amie mechanical engineering project reports samples.

Mechanical project report on

Amie mechanical project report on Design of automatic tilting car.

Amie electrical mechanical project report sample Power generation from humb or speed breaker.


Amie electrical electronics project report sample in word format


Amie electrical electronics project report list for download

Amie computer project report sample download


Amie electronics project reports sample


Amie civil engineering project report samples


Engineering project reports websites

Final year project click here

Project report store

Ieee computer projects

Civil engineeri…

Amie computing and Informatics full study materials

Amie computing and Informatics full study materials.

Amie computer engineering study materials.

Amie part A computer full notes.

Amie computer power point presentation.

Computer notes amie.

Introduction to computer amie study notes.

Amie part a study materials.

Following links are ppt files on computer.

Introduction in computer ppt
Into a computer chapter 2 ppt
Processing data ppt
Storing data ppt
Operating system ppt

Click below link and select chapters in left side to download conplete study notes.
All ppt files click here

Amie information on Lab experiments

1. Objective
In order to equip students in pursuit of their cherished goal, a course on ‘Laboratory
Experiments’ has been made compulsory in the syllabi of Section B examination. This
programme can produce best results if it is able to arouse the basic inquisitiveness, originality
and intelligence in the minds of students.
2. Prerequisite
Students pursuing Section B examination can take up Laboratory Experiments only after
securing minimum grade ‘C’ in 5 (five) subjects in an engineering branch of Section B.
Students are required to register for laboratory experiments by filling the application form, as
given at Appendix III, along with a demand draft of Rs. 5,000.00 (US $ 400 in case of
overseas students) in favour of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’ payable at Kolkata. On
receipt of the application with choice of engineering college/institute and fee, a student shall be
intimated the name of the engineering college/institute where he shall be required to perform
the laboratory…

Amie project guidelines


What do for AMIE Project.

1. Objective

The objective of the project work is to help the student develop ability to apply the engineering and technological concepts, tools and techniques to study and attempt to solve any engineering or system problem. Stress is given on quality of training for development of professional competence.

2. Prerequisite
Students pursuing Section B Examination can take up project work only after securing minimum grade ‘C’ in 5 (five) subjects in an engineering branch of Section B. Students are
required to register for project work by filling the application form, as given at Appendix I, along
with a demand draft of Rs. 3000.00 (US $ 200 in case of overseas students) in favour of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’ payable at Kolkata and return it to the headquarters of the Institution within the stipulated date.

3. Project Guide

On receipt of the application for project work with the prescribed fee, a letter giving the name a…

AMIE tuition in kerala

AMIE tuition centre in kerala

Amie tuition centre in Thiruvananthapuram

Amie tuition centre in Nedumangad

B-tech, BE,Diploma all branches all subject tuition in nedumangad Thiruvananthapuram Kerala.

Amie ece and EEE tuition.
Grad IETE ET tuition.
Diploma in IETE ET tuition.

Catelog attached

Contact No :8129970331 , 9567524452

Amie society and environment syllabus

Amie society and environment Syllabus on text.

Amie non diploma part A AN 204 society and environment syllabus.

Amie diploma stream compulsory subject AD 304 society and environment syllabus.

                    Group A Society

Societal Structures and Dynamics
An analysis of basic sociological concepts and their applications to contemporary society; social stratification, caste,
class, cultural heritage, occupation, mobility and income distribution.

Social tensions and their causes; societal
responsibilities and social institutions.
Development Processes
Parameters for development.

Interrelationship between
social, economic and scientific factors. Role of science and technology in development. Planning its objectives and assessment.

Technology Assessment
Historical development of science and technology.

Criteria for assessment of appropriate technology and technology
                           Group B

Natural ecosystems. Principles of ecobalance. Bio…

Amie computing and Informatics syllabus

Amie part A non diploma and diploma subject Computing and informatics syllabus.

                          Group A

Programming languages. C including C++; Languages—declarations, expressions, control statements, arrays, functions,
pointers and structures; Algorithms and flow-charts.

Introduction to Pascal.
Informatics. Information systems for decision making; Data management and database management technology;
Office automation system LAN, WAN, electronic mail, electronic data interchange; client server technology; overview of TCP/IP;
Information systems for business; Strategic information systems; Information resources management.

                          Group B

Computer basics. History, generations and classification of computers; Number systems; Boolean algebra.
Hardware. Introduction to logic gates an flip flops;

components of a computer input/output devices, CPU unit and memory unit, secondary storage.

Software. System software; application software; compilers and translators.

Operating syst…

Amie engineering management study notes participative management

Amie engineering management participative management study notes.

A very important video about leadership.

Powerpoint presentations

Notes on participate management.

Wikipedia link

Engineering management

Amie engineering management syllabus

Amie engineering management syllabus.

                      Group A
Management and Organisations
Management process : Definition, planning, organising,directing, controlling, coordinating, types of management.
Organisation: Definition, planning, design and development, types of organisations.
Management planning and control: Classical, new classical and modern principles. General management, scientific
management, engineering management, systems management.
Planning: Procedures, resources and constraints, objectives,
goals, policies and procedures.
Control : Setting of reference or standards, appraisal or evaluation, monitoring and controlling, types of control.
Human resource planning and management. Selection, recruitment, training, retraining, skill development, competence development, promotion and career development, participative
management, trade unions, and collective bargaining. Management of Physical Resources Plant: Site selection procedures, factors affecting selection. Lay…

amie syllabus for all branches and all subjects

Amie ie india all branches syllabus for all subjects.

Amie part A Non diploma Syllabus.

Amie part A diploma stream syllabus for all subjects.

Amie part B engineering branches Sylabus and subject codes.

Amie electrical engineering all subject syllabus and subject codes.

Amie mechanical engineering all subject syllabus and subject codes.

Amie civil engineering syllabus subject codes.

Amie electronic and communication engineering syllabus subject codes

Amie computer engineering Sylabus and subject codes.


Amie mining engineering Syllabus

Amie production engineering syllabus.

Amie aerospace engineering syllabus.

Amie agricultural engineering syllabus.

Amie textile engineering syllabus.

Amie marine engineering Syllabus

Amie architecture engineering syllabus

Ieindia direct pdf download link below

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Amie circuits and field theory and circuits and control study notes

Amie part B electrical engineering subject Circuit and field theory study notes

Amie part B electronics engineering subject circuits and control study notes


Z-PARAMETERS (open circuit parameters) The terminal characteristics of a two-port network, having linear elements and dependent sources, may be written in the s-domain as
V1=Z11 I1+Z12 I2 (1) V2=Z21I1+Z22 I2 (2) Z11 = V1/ I1 (for I2=0)

Gradient of a Scalar: • The gradient of a scalar field, V, is a vector that represents both the magnitude and the direction of the maximum space rate of increase of V. • To help visualize this concept, take for example a topographical map. Lines on the map represent equal magnitudes of the scalar field. The gradient vector crosses map at the location where the lines packed into the most dense space and perpendicular (or normal) to them. The orientation (up or down) of the gradient vector is such that the field is increased in magnitude along that direction.

Click here to download circuit study…

Amie electronics branch question paper winter 2016

Amie winter 2016 question paper.

Amie electronic branch question papers.

Design of electronic devices and circuit ec407 winter 2016 question paper

Electronics circuits ec406 winter 2016 questionpaper

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