Amie ieindia selection of optional subjects in electrical engineering

Amie part B selection of optional subjects in electrical engineering group 1 power systems.

Ieindia electrical engineering after completing part A you need to select 3 optional subjects in three different groups.

There is 6 compulsory subjects in amie.

Amie electrical engineering part B compulsory subjects are

1 Engineering management
2 Power systems
3 Circuit and Field theory
4 Electrical machines
5 Measurements and control
6 Design of electrical systems

Selection of optional subjects in amie part B.

Part B Groups consist of 5 subject you need to select 3 papers.

Group 1 Power systems group
1 Energy systems.
2 Power electronics
3 High voltage engineering and power  apparatus
4 Power system performance
5 Micro processor and Microcontrollers

Selection of optional subjects in power system group.

My personal opinion if you are working in power related field like substation's, electrical power design, electrical contractor,electrical supervisor or electrical generation or transmission field then choose.

1 power electronics
2 power system performance
3 high voltage engineering

Power system performance is consider as on of the hardest and problematic paper in electrical engineering.

You need to work hard to get a good grade in this subject. High voltage engineering useful electrical work oriented persons.

If you don't have that much time to study hard then choose

1 power electronics
2 Energy systems
3 High voltage

Energy systems consider as one of the simple subject in electrical

Why Power electronics included in both ?


When you are going fore Mtech then in electrical engineering one of the major and important Mtech branch is Mtech power electronics.

If you not opted for power electronics the you cannot apply for Mtech or ME power electronics.

Normally power systems students opt power electronics as master in technology(Mtech)

So consider your career and further study plans before choosing optional subject in amie part B.

For detailed electrical engineering syllabus

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  2. Hi thanks for your suggestion and If i can chosen subject like 1. Energy System 2.Power System Performance 2.High Voltage
    In future its possible to select Power System or High voltage
    please advice me...


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