Amie computing and Informatics syllabus

Amie part A non diploma and diploma subject Computing and informatics syllabus.

                          Group A

Programming languages. C including C++; Languages—declarations, expressions, control statements, arrays, functions,
pointers and structures; Algorithms and flow-charts.

Introduction to Pascal.
Informatics. Information systems for decision making; Data management and database management technology;
Office automation system LAN, WAN, electronic mail, electronic data interchange; client server technology; overview of TCP/IP;
Information systems for business; Strategic information systems; Information resources management.

                          Group B

Computer basics. History, generations and classification of computers; Number systems; Boolean algebra.
Hardware. Introduction to logic gates an flip flops;

components of a computer input/output devices, CPU unit and memory unit, secondary storage.

Software. System software; application software; compilers and translators.

Operating systems. Introduction to operating systems; types of operating systems and their functions; popular operating systems—MS-DOS, UNIX and Windows; file management.

Recommended Books

† P B Mahapatra. Computing and Information. IEI Study

† D K Basu, et al. Computer Systems and Data Analysis.
Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi.

† N Peter. Introduction to Computers. Tata McGraw-Hill
Publishing Co. Ltd., New Delhi.

† P B Mahapatra. Thinking in C including Object Oriented

Programming with C++. S. Chand & Co. Ltd., New Delhi

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