Amie project guidelines


What do for AMIE Project.

1. Objective

The objective of the project work is to help the student develop ability to apply the engineering and technological concepts, tools and techniques to study and attempt to solve any engineering or system problem. Stress is given on quality of training for development of professional competence.

2. Prerequisite
Students pursuing Section B Examination can take up project work only after securing minimum grade ‘C’ in 5 (five) subjects in an engineering branch of Section B. Students are
required to register for project work by filling the application form, as given at Appendix I, along
with a demand draft of Rs. 3000.00 (US $ 200 in case of overseas students) in favour of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’ payable at Kolkata and return it to the headquarters of the Institution within the stipulated date.

3. Project Guide

On receipt of the application for project work with the prescribed fee, a letter giving the name and address of the project guide shall be issued to the students by the headquarters of the Institution. After receipt of the letter from the Institution, students are expected to contact the
project guide within a week for their project work, carrying with them their Identity Card. In case designated project guide is not available due to any reason or change of address of the project guide or the student, thus affecting the facility of contact between them, the student is expected to contact the Chairman of the State/ Local Centre to which he is attached for an alternate project guide. TheChairman of State/Local Centre, after being satisfied with the reason stated by the student,would allot him the alternate project guide within the jurisdiction of his State/ Local Centre, under intimation to the Director (EEA) at headquarters.
A ‘Fellow’ or a ‘Member’ of the Institution is only eligible to act as project guide. The project guide shall be responsible for guidance in preparing synopsis of the project, project report and
monitoring the progress of work. He will also be responsible for guidance regarding problem formulation and methodology of the project selected by the student. In addition, the project
guide shall evaluate the project work of the student.

4. Types of Project Work
The project work may be from any of the following types:

a) Comprehensive case study (covering any structure, industry or system);
b) Field-oriented analysis and/or design problems (such as design of engineering structures, industrial/engineering processes and systems);
c) Management-oriented study (such as evaluation, estimation, optimization, planning, and management, etc.);
d) Repair and maintenance of equipment, structures, etc.;
e) Any other project work a project guide may wish to allot to the student.

5. Synopsis of the Project Synopsis of the project should be prepared in consultation with the project guide as per the format given in Appendix II. The synopsis should clearly state the objective and methodology
of the proposed project to be undertaken. It should have full detail of the rationale, sampling instrument to be used, limitations, if any, and future direction of further study, etc as asked in the format. The synopsis of the project shall be approved by the Project Guide. Approved copy of the synopsis
should be a part of the project report. Students are advised to retain an approval copy of the synopsis with them.
After finalizing the topic and approval of synopsis of the project, the student should start the actual project work under the supervision of the project guide.

6. Project Report
A student is required to prepare 3 (three) neatly typed copies of his final project report as per the format
given in Appendix II. One copy of the project report should be submitted to the project guide for internal
evaluation; one copy of the project report, with signature of the Project Guide, is to be submitted to the Director (EEA), The Institution of Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata 700 020 for external
evaluation; and one copy should be retained by the student with him/ her. The following points should
be noted regarding the final project report:

a) The project report shall contain the methodology, data/input, analysis, and the results/final outcome and comments of the project guide, if any.
b) Each project report must adequately explain the methodology adopted and the directions for future study;
c) The project report must also contain (a) Copy of the approved synopsis; and
(b) Certificate of originality of the work by the project guide.
d) The length of the report should not exceed 2500 words in double-spaced typed pages (excluding
appendices and exhibits).
7. Time Limit for Project Work
Allotment of project guide for project work shall be done twice a year, i.e., May/June and December/January. For May/June term, the evaluation work shall be carried out in the month of August,
whereas for December/January term, it would be in the month of February.
Minimum Time Limit
Students, having secured minimum grade ‘C’ or above in 5 (five) or more subjects after declaration of
result of Winter term, must complete the project work and submit one copy of the same to the project
guide and one copy to the Director (EEA) by August 10 of that year for internal and external evaluation. The project guide, in turn, shall submit his assessment report, along with the evaluated project report, to the Director (EEA) by August 20. Similarly, students, having secured minimum grade
‘C’ or above in 5 (five) or more subjects after declaration of result of Summer term, must complete the project work and submit one copy of the same to the project guide and one copy to the Director (EEA)
by February 10 of the following year for internal and external evaluation and the project guide must send the assessment report by February 20.

Maximum Time Limit

Project work shall required to be completed within the stipulated period of 6 (six) years for a complete pass in Section B Examination. The term/session of declaration of result of Section B of a student shall depend on the date of submission of project report. In case a student fails to obtain the required grade
in the project work in one or more attempts, he shall be required to re-register again for the same with the prescribed fee of Rs. 3000.00/US $ 200.

8. Evaluation of the Project Work 
Full marks for the project work will be 100 (one hundred). There will be internal as well as external evaluation of the project work. Minimum aggregate for passing project work will be grade ‘B’.
Internal Evaluation 

The internal evaluation will be carried out by the project guide, based on the project report submitted by the student to him. The project guide shall submit his assessment report on the prescribed proforma to be sent to him along with the letter of allotment. The assessment report 
must be accompanied with the evaluated project report (marks given on the content page and duly signed) as submitted by the candidate to the project guide for internal evaluation. 
Non-receipt of proforma should be informed to the headquarters on the address mentioned on page 5. 
External Evaluation 

External evaluation will be carried out by the examiner to be arranged by the Institution. 

9. Important Notes while Preparing the Synopsis of the Project 
The synopsis of the project should include the following: 
o Rationale for the study. 
o Objectives of the study. 
o Methodology to be used for carrying out the study (detailed). 
o The expected contribution from the study. 
o Limitations, if any, and the direction for future study. 
10. Important Notes while Preparing the Project Report 
a) The Project Work should be submitted in A-4 size (29 cm x 20 cm), typed in double space, in a bound volume. 
b) Before binding the project report, the student should ensure that it contains the following: 
• Approved synopsis of the project work; 
• Certificate of originality of work by the project guide; and 
• Comments of the project guide on the project work, if any. 
Students should submit a statement certifying that the work is an original one and has not been submitted earlier to any other Institution for fulfillment of the requirement of a course of study. The above certificate is required to be countersigned by the project guide. If any 
project report is received in the absence of the above, the same will be returned to the 
student for compliance. 
c) The student should prepare 3 (three) typed copies of the final project report. One copy of 
the project work should be submitted to the project guide for internal evaluation; one copy to the Director (EEA) of the Institution at Kolkata by registered post/courier for external 
evaluation mentioning on top of the envelope “Project Report-ET” (name of the 
engineering discipline); and one copy should be retained with him. The project report submitted to the project guide or to the Director (EEA) of the Institution will not be returned to the student.