Range of Marks Grade Grade Point
>75 H 10
66-74 A 9
60-65 B 8
50-59 C 6
35-49 D 5
20-34 E
0-19 F
1.Only grade will be provided in individual subjects.

2.In the pass mark sheet of Section A/Section B Examination, apart from grade
in individual subjects, GPA (Grade Point Average ) will also be provided.
3. For a complete pass in Section A or in Section B, minimum GPA shall be 6.
4. Full marks in each subject including project work and laboratory experiments : 100
5. Minimum grade for exemption in each subject : Grade C

6. Minimum grade for passing project work : Grade B
7. Minimum grade for passing laboratory experiments : Grade B
8. Reappearance is not permissible in the subject(s) in which grade C and above is obtained in an examination.

9. Score of grade 'D' in one subject of Section A (Diploma) or two subjects of
Section A (Non-diploma)/Section B is only considered in the last attempt provided
all the subjects in the scheme are covered with minimum grade point being 6.
10. No division or class is awarded


  1. if i get grade D in two subjects this time then i will have only two chances to pass 8 subjects ln section A non.diploma in winter 2012 and summer 2013 then after my six year term of section A will get expired.if after securing d grade in 2 subjects this time l get grade C or any higher grade in all 8 subjects in next two exam attempts will i will b eligible for section B ? ? ? ? plz tell me my email is

    1. I don't understand please explain detail.

  2. i enrolled for amie section A in sep 2007 .and the six year term for completing section A will be expiring in summer 2013 , now this summer(2012) i appered for 2 subjects and i expect to get D grade in both the subjects. then in winter 2012 and summer 2013 i can appear in 8 subjects .then after the paasing of section A 's 6 year term will get expire.i want to know if this summer i get gread D in 2 subjects then in winter 2012 and summer 2013 i get grade C or higher in 8 subjects will i be eligible for section B ???

  3. I think no because their is a rule that only at Last 4 subject when completing A or B is eligible for D grade passing.
    Moreover I am not an expert in can mail your queries at IE website.
    Best wishes for your exam.

  4. Sir, My I card for sec A shows the date of 27 Nov 2006, Am I eligible for winter 2012 exam or my six years term has expired?

  5. Sir i passed AMIE SEC A & B in 2006 Pl Tell me that percentage of marks is calculated on basis of SecA &B OR only to according SecB.

  6. Suppose If i get grades like C+C+C+D in my first attempt(Diploma) Am I Pass or Fail?
    Am I eligible to attempt Section-B?

  7. Is scientific calculator allowed ..

  8. Is scientific calculator allowed ..

  9. Is scientific calculator allowed ..

  10. please explain rule no. 9!
    I don't understand completely

  11. I have got C,C,C,B,A in subjects if I got C,C,D,D grades in rest subjects then I will passed in section B.Please tell me

  12. I have score in section b ....b+b+c+d in 1at attempt of 4 paper ..i m pass or no?

    Please reply with satisfaction sir..

  13. Sir ,I get grade C,D,F,A in sec A dip .please tell me I qualified in secA or Not .?????

  14. I get grade ccbe in sec A . .. Am I qualified ?


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